Timesheet & Payroll

Timesheets on Autopilot

No more chasing Timesheets and having to question every item. KeepingAustraliaClean.com pulls Timesheet records from your team Time & Attendance onsite.

Ditch the Paper Timesheets filled with rounding, inaccuracy and inflated times.  The Cleaning Industries most accurate Time & Attendance Solutions deliver the most accurate Timesheets.

Saving you Time and Money

Yeah! No more Paper Timesheets

Paper Timesheets are so 1995. In today’s modern world, paper timesheets and self reported hours load your business in paperwork and back n forth finalising payroll.

Timesheets automatically recorded from the second your team Check-In to site to the moment they Check-Out without any rounding and accurate to the second.

Stop pouring payroll dollars down the drain with timesheet rounding and inflate self reported timesheets.

Stay on Top of your Service Delivery

Time is key when it comes down to the fundamentals of service delivery.

Cleaning Industry is is fundamentally built in a businesses ability to delivery their Cleaning Tasks in the Time they are estimate to take to complete perfectly.

KeepingAustraliaClean.com help you identify those shifts where teams are spending considerably less time onsite or more time than budgeted. Keep your business profitable while ensuring your teams are cutting corners on time.

Process Payroll with Confidence

Record, Approve and Prepare Timesheets ready for Payroll, then seamlessly send to your Accounting Integrations.

Simple Timesheet Reports ready for your Payroll Department, Importing to other Accounting Software.

Save hours each week by digitising and streamlining your Timesheets and Payroll Reporting.

XERO USERS: we have a deep and one-click integration wtih Xero making your payroll a breeze! Learn more here: Xero Payroll

Say hello to big savings for your business.

KeepingAustraliaClean.com and Xero have come together to deliver the cleaning industry’s most accurate time and attendance records directly into Xero.