Task Management

Schedule your scope of works or cleaning duties by individual Tasks

The Next Step in Transparent Remote Team Management

Schedule your scope of works or cleaning duties by individual Tasks. Your team can not only see what is required of them each day, but can verify completion of those tasks with our advanced Task Verification.

Ensuring you can deliver real proof of service within your cleaning business for both supervisor, management and your clients.

Make Promises You Can Keep with Task Management

Guaranteeing anything can be risky. You don’t know if your team will do their job and you only have word-of-mouth assurances everything has been completed up to standard… until now.

Our advanced task verification helps cleaning business owners make their mark in a saturated market, transforming promises into measurable actions.

Using the KeepingAustraliaClean.com app, team members tick off a checklist of the cleaning duties, supply images of completion or scan tags to deliver instant insight into the work they’re doing. You and your clients will have access to time, date, location and photographic data to cement your continued relationship and the value of your service delivery.

Help Your Team Do Their Job

KeepingAustraliaClean.com Task Schedules allow you to schedule your cleaning tasks or cleaning duties with the utmost accuracy to guarantee the delivery of the scope of works each and every day without question.

No more “Sorry, I forgot to clean the stove top, I’ll do it tomorrow”.

You can schedule your Tasks in whether they are to be done daily, weekly, every Friday, once a month and more. KeepingAustraliaClean.com helps you take the old paper cleaning checklist and digitises it so that you cam comply with your service contract and deliver the cleaning requirements each and every day.

Cleaning contracts and clients are won and lost on your ability to regularly deliver the scope of works with consistency. We take the hope out of the equation, because you’ll know your team completed everything in the scope last night.

Train & Instruct Your Team With How

Scaling a your service delivery is difficult, but a cleaning handbook covered in dust in the cleaning cupboard isn’t the answer.  Communicate with your team HOW to do their work with ease.

KeepingAustraliaClean.com allows you to upload Standard Operating Procedures and link to Training Videos on exactly how to perform their cleaning duties.  Scale how you maintain you clients premises with SOPs and Video a click away from your team in the field.

When your team has a Fridge Clean on their task list, they can simple click to read the SOP or play to watch the training video live on their mobile device in the field, so they know exactly how you want them to perform that task.